LED trees

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I'm sure by now you have all seen our amazing tree outside the shop........They can be used in or outdoors, they come in 4 different sizes 1.8m, 2.8m, 3.5m and 4.3. Also in 1.8m bonsai and 1.8m and 2.8m willow. The leaves can be changed to suit the seasons, white summer, an Autumn leaf and a holly green/black.... Just fabulous and the most realistic tree you will ever see.......



All you need is a single 240V standard power supply. The red autumn leaf, warm white LED and natural brown trunk are the most realistic tree available thanks to its uniquely coloured leaves and natural looking trunk. The red autumn leaf is complementary to soft lighting and helps create a warmer atmosphere. It’s particularly ideal for the home, as well as shop merchandising and twilight garden parties.




1.8m trees with choice of leaf are £1250, 2.8m tree with choice of leaf are £2250, 3.5m tree with choice of leaf are £3250, 4.3m tree with choice of leaf are £3650. 1.8m bonsai £1250, 1.8m willow £1650, 2.8m willow £3800. Once you buy the tree (trunk) and leaves, you can then just purchase the additional (other seasons) leaves at half the price.


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