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Aluminium & Rattan Lounger

Aluminium & Rattan LoungerDimensions: H: 1150mm L: 2100mm W: 690mmWe recommend that all cushions..

£755.00 Ex Tax: £755.00

Aluminium Rattan Sofa Set

Aluminium Rattan Sofa SetSofa - H:810 W:1350 D:780mm.Table - H:350 L:1000 W:550mm.Chair - H:810 W:78..

£1,405.00 Ex Tax: £1,405.00

Arena Dining Set

The Arena Dining Sets are made from synthetic half round weave - a durable, weatherproof and UV prot..

£2,500.00 Ex Tax: £2,500.00

Aylesbury Outdoor Living Set

Aylesbury Outdoor Living SetSofa : H:870 W:2420 D:1580mm.Table : H:380 L:1000 W:590mm.We recommend t..

£1,440.00 Ex Tax: £1,440.00

Concrete Contemporary Coffee Table

Concrete Contemporary Coffee TableDimensions: H: 300mm L: 1100mm W: 600mm..

£455.00 Ex Tax: £455.00

Concrete Contemporary Dining Table

Concrete Contemporary Dining TableDimensions: H: 770mm L: 2200mm W: 1000mm..

£1,430.00 Ex Tax: £1,430.00

Concrete pouf

Concrete poufDimensions: H: 450mm W: 1000mm D: 500mm..

£395.00 Ex Tax: £395.00

Contemporary Round Table

Contemporary Round TableDimensions: H: 750mm Dia: 1300mm..

£960.00 Ex Tax: £960.00

Curve Rattan Lounger

Curve Rattan LoungerDimensions: H: 830mm W: 910mm D: 2050mmWe recommend that all cushions & seat..

£745.00 Ex Tax: £745.00

Curves Outdoor Garden Set

Curves Outdoor Garden SetDimensions: H: 730mm W: 2160mm D: 1000m.Sofa Size: H:730 W:2160 D:1000mm.Ch..

£4,680.00 Ex Tax: £4,680.00

Double Side Lounger

Double Side LoungerDimensions: H: 950mm L: 2100mm W: 1300mm..

£935.00 Ex Tax: £935.00

Garden Table

Garden TableDimensions: H: 780mm W: 2080mm D: 1000mm..

£1,020.00 Ex Tax: £1,020.00

Grey outdoor rattan lounger

Grey outdoor rattan loungerDimensions: H: 410mm L: 2100mm D: 650mmWe recommend that all cushions &am..

£795.00 Ex Tax: £795.00

Grey rattan dining chair

Grey rattan dining chairDimensions: H: 880mm W: 615mm D: 660mm..

£225.00 Ex Tax: £225.00

Grey Rattan set

Grey Rattan setSofa: H:800 W:2100 D:850mm.Chair: H:800 W:850 D:850mm.Table: H:305 L:1270 W:630mm.We ..

£2,800.00 Ex Tax: £2,800.00