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24 Drawer Chest

24 Drawer ChestDimensions: H: 810mm W: 1200mm D: 400mm..

£395.00 Ex Tax: £395.00

5Ft Beige Buttoned Bed

Dimensions: H: 1520mm L: 2160mm W: 1620mm..

£1,200.00 Ex Tax: £1,200.00

5ft button and stud grey

5Ft button and stud grey bedMattress Size: UK Kingsize - 5tDimensions: H: 1520mm L: 2150mm W: 1760mm..

£1,150.00 Ex Tax: £1,150.00

5ft Slate grey bed

5Ft Slate Grey BedMattress Size: UK Kingsize - 5ft.Dimensions: H: 1600mm L: 2200mm W: 1900mm..

£1,250.00 Ex Tax: £1,250.00

5ft upholstered bed

5ft King Size Modern Upholstered Buttoned BedThis modern 5ft king size fabric covered padded bed has..

£1,150.00 Ex Tax: £1,150.00

6Ft Cream Velvet Buttoned Bed

Dimensions: H: 1530mm L: 2200mm W: 1920mm..

£1,200.00 Ex Tax: £1,200.00

Allure 5 draw Tallboy

Venice 5 draw TallboyContemporary and chic in design with its gorgeous crystal glass handles and bea..

£475.00 Ex Tax: £475.00

Allure angled 3 draw

Allure angled 3 drawDimensions: H: 765mm W: 815mm D: 510mm..

£495.00 Ex Tax: £495.00

Allure angled bedside

Allure angled bedsideDimensions: H: 765mm W: 815mm D: 510mm..

£245.00 Ex Tax: £245.00

Allure black stool

Allure black stoolDimensions: H: 470mm W: 410mm D: 330mmContemporary and chic in design with its gor..

£135.00 Ex Tax: £135.00

Allure curved 3 drawer

Allure curved 3 drawerDimensions: H: 780mm W: 1000mm D: 440mm..

£580.00 Ex Tax: £580.00

Allure curved bedside

Allure curved bedsideDimensions: H: 620mm W: 470mm D: 410mm..

£250.00 Ex Tax: £250.00

Allure curved dressing table

Allure curved dressing tableDimensions: H: 800mm W: 1000mm D: 435mm..

£160.00 Ex Tax: £160.00

Antibes Chest

Antibes ChestDimensions: H: 800mm W: 790mm D: 400mm..

£275.00 Ex Tax: £275.00

Antique Silver Embossed Bedside Table

Antique Silver Embossed Bedside TableDimensions: H: 790mm W: 510mm D: 300mm..

£125.00 Ex Tax: £125.00