Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

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Allure 2/2 draws

Dimensions: H: 750mm W: 1000mm D: 420mmContemporary and chic in design with its gorgeous crystal gla..

£550.00 Ex Tax: £550.00

Allure 5 draw Tallboy

Venice 5 draw TallboyContemporary and chic in design with its gorgeous crystal glass handles and bea..

£475.00 Ex Tax: £475.00

Argentine Chest

Argentine ChestDimensions: H: 850mm W: 1230mm D: 545mm..

£1,380.00 Ex Tax: £1,380.00

Belfort Chest

Belfort ChestDimensions: H: 910mm W: 890mm D: 460mm..

£650.00 Ex Tax: £650.00

Black Distressed Chest

Black Distressed ChestDimensions: H: 960mm W: 1100mm D: 550mm..

£995.00 Ex Tax: £995.00

Chateau Bombe Chest

Chateau Bombe ChestDimensions: H: 820mm W: 960mm D: 460mm..

£595.00 Ex Tax: £595.00

Chateau Carved Chest

Chateau Carved ChestDimensions: H: 1000mm W: 990mm D: 500mm..

£780.00 Ex Tax: £780.00

Chateau Drawer

Chateau DrawerDimensions: H: 1250mm W: 650mm D: 460mm..

£670.00 Ex Tax: £670.00

Chelsea 4 chest of drawers

Dimensions: H: 900mm W: 1000mm D: 450mm..

£1,100.00 Ex Tax: £1,100.00

Etienne Small Chest

Etienne Small ChestDimensions: H: 700mm W: 770mm D: 345mm..

£280.00 Ex Tax: £280.00

Fabric Trunk

Fabric TrunkDimensions: H: 800mm W: 1220mm D: 420mm..

£535.00 Ex Tax: £535.00

Faux Crocodile

Faux CrocodileDimensions: H: 770mm W: 900mm D: 400mm..

£395.00 Ex Tax: £395.00

Grey Distressed Chest

Grey Distressed ChestDimensions: H: 940mm W: 1100mm D: 480mm..

£420.00 Ex Tax: £420.00

Industry Al Chest of Drawers

Industry Al Chest of DrawersW90 x D43.5 x H81 cm..

£280.00 Ex Tax: £280.00

Iron Cabinet

Iron CabinetDimensions: H: 1160mm W: 500mm D: 380mm..

£240.00 Ex Tax: £240.00