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Reclaimed Pine Sideboard

 Reclaimed Pine SideboardDimensions: H: 900mm W: 1590mm D: 490mm..

£975.00 Ex Tax: £975.00

Allure 2/2 draws

Dimensions: H: 750mm W: 1000mm D: 420mmContemporary and chic in design with its gorgeous crystal gla..

£550.00 Ex Tax: £550.00

Allure curved 3 drawer

Allure curved 3 drawerDimensions: H: 780mm W: 1000mm D: 440mm..

£580.00 Ex Tax: £580.00

Belfort Sideboard

Belfort SideboardDimensions: H: 850mm W: 1000mm D: 400mm..

£470.00 Ex Tax: £470.00

Cabinet Highland

Washed oak veneer | brushed brass finish 181 x 46 x H 82.5cm..

£2,990.00 Ex Tax: £2,990.00

Carved White Sideboard

Carved White SideboardDimensions: H: 1000mm W: 2900mm D: 520mm..

£2,350.00 Ex Tax: £2,350.00

Chelsea cabinet

Dimensions: H: 900mm W: 1350mm D: 500mm..

£950.00 Ex Tax: £950.00

Chinese 9 Drawer Wide Chest Green

Chinese 9 Drawer Wide Chest GreenDimensions: H: 780mm W: 1700mm D: 450mm..

£1,350.00 Ex Tax: £1,350.00

Etienne 3 Door Dresser Base

Etienne 3 Door Dresser BaseDimensions: H: 885mm W: 1850mm D: 510mm..

£595.00 Ex Tax: £595.00

Grosvenor 3 Door Sideboard

Grosvenor 3 Door SideboardDimensions: H: 860mm W: 1215mm D: 400mm..

£385.00 Ex Tax: £385.00

Large Metal & Wood Sideboard

Large Metal & Wood SideboardDimensions: H: 900mm W: 2180mm D: 455mm..

£1,525.00 Ex Tax: £1,525.00

Large Washed Base Unit

Large Washed Base UnitDimensions: H: 850mm W: 1800mm D: 450mm..

£890.00 Ex Tax: £890.00

Lovebird Cabinet

Lovebird CabinetDimensions: H: 895mm W: 1180mm D: 500mm..

£595.00 Ex Tax: £595.00

Marble side table

Marble side tableMade with top quality marble and steel, this range comes in a console table, coffee..

£465.00 Ex Tax: £465.00

Midas 2 over 2 chest

Part of the beautiful new Midas rangeMidas 2 over 2 chestDimensions: H: 990mm W: 1030mm D: 410mm..

£480.00 Ex Tax: £480.00